Trait valence::ecs::schedule::DynEq

pub trait DynEq: Any {
    // Required methods
    fn as_any(&self) -> &(dyn Any + 'static);
    fn dyn_eq(&self, other: &(dyn DynEq + 'static)) -> bool;
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An object safe version of Eq. This trait is automatically implemented for any 'static type that implements Eq.

Required Methods§

fn as_any(&self) -> &(dyn Any + 'static)

Casts the type to dyn Any.

fn dyn_eq(&self, other: &(dyn DynEq + 'static)) -> bool

This method tests for self and other values to be equal.

Implementers should avoid returning true when the underlying types are not the same.



impl<T> DynEq for T
where T: Any + Eq,